Assessment Day – Analyzing The First 9 Episode’s Homework

Episode 1: Sacrifices aren’t always celebrated

HW: Delete at Least 5 shows that you have recorded.

Episode 2:  Your gifts will make room for you.

HW: Work of getting to bed an hour early or getting up an hour early.

Episode 3: Turning Sacrifices into a Hustle.

HW: What will you do for your 10-minute rule?

Episode 4/5: Miracles don’t just happen.

HW: Write down why what you did previously is more important then the time you should be spending working on your dreams.

Episode 6:  Eliminating Excuses 

HW: Get a list of 2-4 possible mentors

Episode 7:  Ordering Your Coleslaw 

HW:  What is your due date? 

Episode 8:  Why Wait for Buy-In?

HW:  What is something that you should have started but didn’t because you were worried about buy-in? 

Episode 9:  Relish in the Dominoes Falling 

HW:  View toddjunior2 

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