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Eliminate the Achievement Gap

With Aaron's 30 years experience, he knows how to motivate using social emotional learning.

Aaron Womack Jr’s Recognitions 

  • A UW-Milwaukee Cooperating Teacher of the Year
  • Awarded the Star Teacher Award
  • Received the Milwaukee Teacher Education Program Teacher of the Year Award
  • “Whether you know it or not, your words can plant the seed of success or failure in your own mind.”

    Aaron Womack, Jr.
  • “To be successful you can’t be afraid of the hailstorm that will begin as a rain delay.”


    Aaron Womack, Jr.

How I can Help You

What happens to a dream deferred? Does it stay looming in the back of your mind, nagging at you to get started?  Or have you put it on a shelf in hopes of getting to it one day? Dreams come in all shapes and sizes but they should never be ignored.

 Is it that you want to go back to school, start your own business, lose those extra pounds, or write that book you have always wanted to author?  I know that feeling, I have been there. I, too, was struggling and I got stuck.  I can still hear the reasons (excuses)…It’s not the right time, I don’t have any spare time, the cost is more than I can afford, I don’t have what it takes or it’s too big of a dream. Does this sound familiar?

Everything in your life is a reflection of the choices you have made and if you want a different result; make a different choice. If you are wanting to get your story told, here is where I can assist you.  Let me help you jump start your dream and push your goals forward.  There are many avenues you can take to reach your finish line. I will help you look through the lens of possibility and get you focused on reaching your goals through your written words. What I can do is turn you into an author that can result in own your personal memoir or a novel.  Let me help you tell your story!

If you have connected with anything you read above, contact me and let’s get moving on maximizing your purpose and making that dream deferred a reality.  Fill out the form below and we can begin to tell your story. 


“Outworking yourself means you have to get done, what you have to get done. You have to make yourself a priority.”
​ - Aaron Womack, Jr.

Authoring a book is the number one way to expand your business.  Whether you’re in the corporate world, sports, entertainment, or education.  A book instantly gives you credibility and elevates your expertise.  No matter your purpose in life, at An Hour Early LLC, our expertise can help you not only get to the mountain top, but get you over it. 

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